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Go on different adventures. Your plane crashes, and you're stranded, leaving you with the clothes you're wearing and some change in your pocket. Every adventure is different. From Hawaii, to the Arctic.Good luck!
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 Introduction (The Things you need to know)

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PostSubject: Introduction (The Things you need to know)   Mon Oct 04, 2010 3:07 am

Basically, this is your average Role-playing site. You use the "-----" When you talk, and act as if you were that character.
But-- There are a couple of different things to add to that.

This site is Rping of travellers, who crash far away from civilization and have to figure out how live from the different sources around them. We use chance alot, so say we have to figure out if we land on land or water. So, you use the chance dice, if it is an even number, you land on land, if it an uneven number, you land on water.
It's the same for injuries and stuff, you roll the chance dice, and you see what's what.

Every few posts you have to make a Journal Entry. What this is, is you have to write about what's going on, and what you think is going to happen.


We're on the Island. I look across the sea and see endless water stretching out to the horizon. We're far from Civilization, and we only have a few things to help us survive.

Mina, out.)

Stuff like that. When you're doing the Journal Entry, you have to talk in 1st person. When you're RPing, you talk in 3rd person.
The Journal entries should be at least 3 lines.

To reach the chance dice rolls and more, click here.

To learn more about the Journal entries, click here.
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Introduction (The Things you need to know)
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