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Go on different adventures. Your plane crashes, and you're stranded, leaving you with the clothes you're wearing and some change in your pocket. Every adventure is different. From Hawaii, to the Arctic.Good luck!
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 Dice Rolls (Chance)

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PostSubject: Dice Rolls (Chance)   Mon Oct 04, 2010 3:27 am

Injuries:Landing:Other things:
1=Unconsious1,3,5=Land on waterHunting (you must have a knife of gun)
2=Bruised and Scratched2,4,6=Land on land1,2,3=Missed
3=Broken armAfter that, roll again...4,5,6=Caught it
4=Unhurt1,3,5=You have to Parachute out (Injuries kick in then)Lost!
5=Broken Leg2,4,6=Safe landingEvery member of the topic must choose a number from 1-6 for injuries and getting lost
6=Sprained Ankle (Only lasts 5 turns.One person will get lost. If their number is rolled, they're split up from the group.
Remember, if you parachute, the person that gets lost if carrying some of the objects you chose. So you have to find them quick!

You must choose 12 objects out of the sixteen for each topic:
Water Canteen, Granola bars, Knife, Flint, Batteries, Radio, Matches, Gun, Bullets, Parachutes, Wool Blanket, Change of Clothes, Fishing Rod, Sleeping Bag, Bandages, Tent

If you have to Parachute out, you have narrow it down to 8 objects.

If you have ANY Questions, please to hesitate to ask.

PM me,
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Dice Rolls (Chance)
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